Address: 25 Cocoa Suites, Navigation Road, York, England YO1 9AE

Coming by car: Please use the postcode YO1 9XA for your SatNav

Please note it is not 25 Navigation road, the entrance is just off the bend on Navigation road.

The Cocoa Suites are new apartments within the Rowntree Wharf building.

Drive or walk through the gated entrance and follow the road around to the entrance of the building. 

Please see the ‘Checking in’ tab for more information about checking into the apartment.

Parking: When you arrive you will see a small multi-storey car park (unfortunately we do not have access to this) But there are visitor parking spaces on the left you can park in, just within the gates and also a few spaces just outside the gates. 

Visitor parking spaces are on a first come first serve basis. Please ensure you are parked in a designated parking bay.

There are signs saying you need a permit and time is restricted but this is just a deterrent for locals. It is free to park for guests during your stay.

We can’t guarantee a parking space but if there isn’t a space then there is a Q-Park just around the corner.

Instructions for public carpark:

Address of Q-Park: Garden Place, York,  YO1 7NZ

Once parked it is a 2 minute walk back to the apartment. 

The car park is the building in red, the blue is the walk way to the apartment and the yellow is the apartment building.

The building circled in red is the car park (photo taken by the side of the apartment building) just walk along the walk way, across the bridge.

Walk along side the apartment building and down a set of steps.


Turn right by the suspension bridge and right again for the main entrance.

Check-in instructions for Yorkie Suite

Apartment 25, Ground Floor.

Check-in: After 3PM

Please follow these instructions rather than the signage around the building as unfortunately it is not up to date yet. 

Step 1:

When you arrive at the front door, there is the intercom on the left of the door

Step 2:

Please press # then 2223 and the door will automatically open 

 (please note it can take a good 30 seconds for the door to open – do not pull on the door)

Step 3:

Once in you will see another door ahead of you – next to a set of lifts, enter the same code again, # then 2223 the door will unlock, you will need to pull the handle to open. 

Step 4:

Walk down the ground floor corridor – apartment 25 is on the right hand side. 

Step 5:

Once you have found the apartment, place your hand on the screen for 2 seconds to activate the automated key lock – a key pad will then appear, enter your personal key code (followed by *) to gain access.

Turn the lock and the handle to open the door. 

Please enusre the door has locked behind you when you leave.

Welcome to the ‘Yorkie Suite’

We are delighted you are staying with us and whatever your reason for visiting, we are here to do everything we can to ensure you have a wonderful stay.

As a Thank you for choosing us, there is a bottle of fizz in the fridge for you to enjoy!

There are also maps for you to take and use.

Please read through the information provided to ensure your stay runs smoothly. 

Instructions for ChocoLets – The Yorkie Suite 

The ‘ChocoLets’ apartments are all based in the old Rowntree’s chocolate warehouse.  Now known as Nestle. 

Originally one of the largest flour mills in Europe in 1860. The building was situated between the river Foss and Wormald’s cut, The mill closed in 1930 and in 1935 it became the Rowntree and Co’s Navigation Warehouse. Gradually it fell out of use, as road transport replaced river transport. Coco bean were brought to the wharf until the 1960s. 

In 1989 This beautiful building was restored into apartments and was extensively renovated in 2018 and now we offer you these trendy industrial feel apartments but with all the benefits of hotel luxury. 

Each of our unique apartments have been named after a famous chocolate bar to keep York’s history alive. 

Whether booking one or more apartments you’ll still enjoy outstanding hospitality brought to you by Violet Homes.  

If you’d like to come back, please book direct at  for extra discounts and savings.

No Smoking

Please Strictly No smoking.


Parking in York is like gold dust, luckily we are in walking distance to pretty much everything you need but if you do need to use your car for any reason, there are visitor spaces at the front of the building which you can use but they are based on a first come first serve basis. 

There are signs in the car park saying you need a permit and the time being redistricted but this is a deterrent for non guests. You are absolutely fine to park in the designated parking spaces. 

Alternatively there is a Q Park (Shambles) 150 meters away. Follow the walk way around the building, cross over the bridge and down the steps and you will see the car park, this also leads you to the centre of town.

Getting into town 

For easy accessibility (to avoid the steps) cross straight over the modern suspension bridge (rather than following the wooden walk away around the Rowntree Wharf/ Cocoa Suites building) walk through the modern apartments and take a left this will bring you out on to Stonebow and lead you up to M&S and the centre of town. 


There’s free wifi in the property.  Please use the Card with the access details on the shelf.

For quick access- put your camera on your phone and hover it over the QR code and it will automatically connect to your phone


The heating has been set up to ensure you have a comfortable stay, however if you need it a little warmer or colder simply use the up and down arrows on the right hand side of the thermostat, Please DO NOT touch the buttons on the left of the thermostat or the radiator itself. 

You will find the thermostat on the table.

Hot Water 

The Hot water heating system is on a program and you should not need to touch it during your stay.  

If however you do manage to use all the water there is a boost option.

  (If you open the sliding doors next to the wardrobe, at eye level, mounted on the wall on the left hand side) 

Simply press the N button controller until it says PROG (WITH FULL CLEAR SYMBOL).  

This will turn the system on (it can take 20-30 minutes to heat back up) until  the timer is next due to turn off.

Towel Rail 

There is electronic timer for the towel rail in the shower room. It is located next to the front door by the plug socket. 

There is a grey button to press once if you would like to put the towel rail on for 30 minutes, twice for 1 hour or three times for 2 hours. 

Please note it does get very hot, please be careful, especially with children. 

Microwave Oven

The oven in the apartment is also a microwave and a grill. 

When using the microwave function, please ensure there is no metal trays, foil, wire rack, baking plates left inside. 

Method 1 – Jet Set (for short periods of time 1-2 minutes 900w)

  • Place the food in a suitable container in the microwave oven and close the door. 
  • Do not press on/off – just press start 
  • Each time you press start, the cooking time increases by 30 seconds 

For full instructions please see manual at the back of this folder. 


Press the and hold the ‘on’ bottom (circle with line through it) then four 0 should appear representing each ring.

If a light next to the key simbol is showing instead this means that it is locked. 

Press and hold the ‘key’ button 

Then press the ‘on’ button again 

Decided which ring you would like to use and press the button next to the picture of which ring you require- it will flash and then use the + and – buttons to control the temperature.

When you have finished cooked press the ‘on’ button to switch off- please remember the rings may still be hot! 

Cutlery Draw

There is only one drawer in the apartment and it’s well hidden under the microwave oven.  You should find everything you need in there, from knifes and forks to bottle openers.

Tea and coffee

Please help yourself to tea and coffee during your stay  (you will find these in the black and gold tins on the table) To use the cafeteria – place one heaped spoon of coffee using the spoon provided and add boiling water, before pushing the filter down – for the perfect cup of coffee!

Iron and Ironing Board

These are located in the wardrobe next to the front door where you will also find space for hanging clothes and storing your bags.

Music Speaker

There is a speaker in the apartment near the window for you to use.   If you have an iPhone you can sit it directly on the speaker, if you have another other device simply plug the 3.5mm jack in and turn on the speaker.  There is a volume control on the speaker but you will also need to make sure the sound is turned up on your device


The bed can be lifted up to maximise the space, please ensure you manually control the bed by maintaining hand contact. 

You will need to remove the pillows and you will find a Velcro strap at either side did the bed about half way now to secure the mattress and duvet. 

Lift up from the bottom of the bed, fold legs in onto the bed and push up to the wall. 

To release just pull on the handles, the bed will lower down, before it gets to the floor unfold the legs to secure. 

Extra pillows and towels 

Can be found in the grey blanket box if required. 


You have access to Netflix and Amazon TV.  Please use the large Blaupunk remote to turn the TV on and off and for the volume controls.

If this says no signal please make sure Source HDMI 3 is selected.

Once that is done, please use the Amazon fire TV remote to select what you want to watch.  Use the outer circle to navigate and the inner one to select.  Use the back arrow to go back.


If you’d like to recycle, please use the bins under the sink in the kitchen.  One is for cardboard, one for glass and one for plastic and metal tins – the cleaners will collect this at the end of your stay along with the rubbish bin. 

Local shop/convenience store

The closest shops are probably the main supermarkets across the main road, There is a Morrison’s and Waitrose.

Cafes and Cake!

I would highly recommend Fossgate a up and coming trendy road full of independent shops and bars just a 2 minute walk from the apartment. 


The vibrant city or York offers a huge range of fantastic places to eat. With so many options for breakfast, brunch, lunch or evening dining on our doorstep we feel that the choice should be yours. But we are happy to help you with recommendations to suit your taste.

You can also check out our website with our top places to go at 


A local Taxi number is 01904 365365 .  

Uber also available in York


If you notice anything that needs our attention please do not hesitate to let us know.

Check out 

Check out is at 11am on the day of departure, unless agreed otherwise. 

Please ensure you leave the apartment as you found it and ensure the door is locked behind you. 

Emergency numbers 

Ambulance call 999 or 112 

Apartment location – 28 Cocoa Suites situated on the ground floor of Rowntree Wharf, Navigation road, YO1 9XA

The nearest A&E is at York Hospital on Wigginton Rd, York, YO31 8HE

01904 631 313 

Non- Emergency medical number call 111

This number connects you to a team of fully trained advisors (and can be translated) 

To help you find what local services can help you, connect you to a nurse, emergency dentist, pharmacist or GP, book you a face to face appointment and self care advise. 

Police emergency 999

Police non emergency 101 


Health and Safety  

Please take note of the fire safety notice in the main reception behind the glass cabinet and please familiarise yourself with your nearest exit. 

In case of a fire 

All doors in the apartment are fire safety doors, designed to contain the fire at its starting point 

If you hear the fire alarm please leave the apartment and make your way to the main entrance – this is the assembly point 

If you discover a fire dial 999/112

Close all the doors to the affected apartment/area 

Sound the fire alarm (if not already activated) by pressing a call point situated adjacent to fire staircase on the escape routes 

The property is managed by a small independent property management company Called ’ Violet Homes’ 

We always welcome feedback,

If there is anything else you think could improve our service please let us know. 

Contact Daisy on 07957 835726

Don’t forget you can book with us direct at

Checking out

We hope you have had a wonderful stay and want it to be as easy as possible for you to check out.

Because there are no keys, we ask that you to simply shut the door behind you and your code will expire after 11am.

  • Please ensure all windows are shut
  • Lights are turned off
  • We don’t ask you to strip the beds but if you wouldn’t mind putting your used towels in the shower/bath
  • Please put all your rubbish in bin provided or in bins outside
  • Wash up all dishes or put in the dishwasher
  • Make sure you have all your belongings and have a safe journey home!

Please note we do take a £100 security deposit that will be refunded within 7 days of check out if the house is left tidy and without damage.

Many Thanks


Violet Homes

Luggage Storage:

If you need to store your bags before or after your stay, you can try, who have storage locations in York. It’s £6 for 24h including insurance and you can use the code YORK10 for 10% off. Bookings must be made online here

The property is managed by a small independent property management company Called ’ Violet Homes’

We always welcome feedback,

If there is anything else you think could improve our service please let us know.

Contact Daisy on 07957 835726 or

Don’t forget you can book with us direct at and receive and automatic 15% discount.